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Account-based Marketing – Reaching the right sales contacts 

Sometimes marketing can can be like shooting with a bow and arrow. But it feels like shooting on a stormy day with heavy rain and with a bent stick instead of an arrow, if you are still using traditional marketing tools. Content Marketing trades your bent stick for a straight arrow and tailors Content to the customer. Account-based Marketing (ABM) makes it even easier: It moves the target closer and gives you eyes like a hawk! In doing so ABM lays the perfect groundwork for businesses to target other businesses and approach them more effectively.

A clear shot for Content

To no one’s surprise, Account-based Marketing is all about the accounts, these are highly relevant companies and the people working for them. In most cases ABM targets leading employees and multipliers. Because even the best archer needs a target. To accomplish this task two partners find each other and united: the sales department and Content Marketing.

The Reason for this union is simple: The sales department knows contacts in other companies, who are involved in buying decisions and which goods and what services they demand. The marketing department finds the perfect approach to deliver relevant content to the potential buyers. ABM becomes the perfect cooperative strategy to identify a perfectly marked target out of a bulk of potential customers. 

Without practice, no bullseye!

Here are some essential questions you should ask yourselves, before beginning any ABM-Strategy: 

How well do I know my customers? 

Sales and Marketing are essentially one. Fundamental knowledge about Inbound Marketing is exactly as important as knowledge about potential and existing customers. Our eBook and our Blog offer an introduction to Inbound Marketing and our work in general. After that you can ask yourselves: Which important contacts do I know sitting at other companies’ desks? And who should definitely be looking over my offers?

Who do I want to reach? 

Clients, who have not started their customers’ journey just yet, can be targeted much more effectively now. Combined with classic Content Marketing ABM creates the perfect mixture of approaching new customers and involving existing ones over a long timeframe. A perfect moment to state why other businesses should be highly interested in your company!

What story do I want to tell? 

One could not think of ABM without the Content and story focus of its companions Inbound and Content Marketing. Only combining them gives you a perfect game plan! Because without a serious content strategy even a well timed shot will miss its mark. Just take a moment and think about the stories you would really like to hear about yourself! 

How much do I invest in Account-based Marketing?

Define accounts, develop a content strategy and adjust it perfectly: An intense task, but with our help we can strengthen your company in the future together. By tailoring the actions and methods of ABM to your company is a viable option for smaller companies. Just reach out and find out what really suits you! 

Rise to Glory – what can we do for you? 

  • We develop a campaign concept to approach the customer you desire in a respectful and creative manner.
  • We create Content: Campaign based articles, case studies and content offers as well as posts, direct messages and ads.
  • Only in close cooperation with you can we achieve custom solutions for your campaign and your approach to addressing customers.
  • We identify relevant target accounts and create platforms and strategies to reach out to them.
  • We reevaluate constantly and adapt our activities to the process and your wishes at any given time.

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