Analysis & Insights

Analysis & Insights

Analysis & Insights – Success can be planned. And measured!

If you don't measure it, you can't manage it

If it’s not linked to KPIs, it cannot be controlled. With the advent of Digital Marketing activities, it is becoming increasingly important to illustrate results. The question of ROI, engagement and conversion rates is part of the standard repertoire of executives. Budgets are assigned based on the impact of certain digital activities and marketing campaigns. The need for clear and precise performance analysis is increasing.

Learn to swim or go under

The biggest advantage of digital activities? You can measure everything! The biggest danger in digital activities? You can measure everything and still know nothing! Many analysts have drowned in the flood of digital data. But only those who understand data can create real added value. The growing complexity of the digital landscape leads to a large variety of different metrics that can provide great insights for your business – provided they are fully understood and properly interpreted.

A successful marketing mix consists of many orchestrated channels, all of which provide their own metrics:

  • Website analysis using Google Analytics or similar tools
  • Social media metrics that let you know about the engagement with your content – whether it's your Facebook videos or Instagram posts, where you want to learn more than just vanity metrics such as number of likes and followers
  • eMail Marketing statistics
  • Data from other tools you use, from surveys to webinars to the Analysis of advertising campaigns

From big data to smart data

With all these tools, product management and business management rarely suffer from a lack of data. However, to properly evaluate large amounts of user data you must learn to understand it. Targeted digital reporting is not based on the amount of data, but on the ability to gain relevant insights.

  • You need to generate insights and understand why the numbers look the way they do and if you're on the right track to achieving your goals.
  • You need a clear picture of why certain things and activities work and others do not.
  • You need recommendations about what exactly you need to do to make those things work that make you more successful and bring you closer to your goals.

Rise to Glory – Our services

  • Definition of goals and KPIs based on your strategy
  • Definition of meaningful metrics to see if you're on the right track
  • Identification of relevant data from your entire digital activities
  • Interpretation of the data, generation of Insights
  • Creation of Insight reports with clear results, insights and optimisation possibilities as well as formulation of optimisation measures

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