Content and Social Media Manager Lorena Riegler: "Good content is the banana bread of the Corona crisis."

| July 14, 2020 | People | Reading time: 3 Minutes

Lorena Riegler

Inspiration for content is everywhere, but this content needs management to turn the raw version into a glorious end product. That's what Lorena does here at Content Glory. Her best friends are called Hubspot, Photoshop & Co - because she needs them in her everyday life as a content and social media manager.

The secret recipe for glorious content, however, is not only management and tools, but also a high degree of organization. That's why Lorena is sniffing more and more of the scent of project management. Activities such as planning editorial meetings and keeping track of the trello-boards are easy for her. 

What she likes most about social media? The opportunity to live out her creativity and bring words to life. In this area she turns into an enthusiastic content creator. That's why Lorena never says no to a good gif. She feels the same way about Pizza Margherita, by the way. The reason for that is revealed in her interview:

So you work with content?

I live content. As a content and social media manager you are always surrounded by it. Since my love for content doesn't stop at the end of a work day, it also spills over into my private life. I've always liked words more than numbers, because they can communicate much more than digits placed next to each other. That's why I fell in love with content marketing and became one of those Glorious Bastards who share content with you ;)

How do you explain the concept of content to your mum?

I don't think I have to explain much. My Mom is also working in marketing, although in the traditional field. So I would probably say something like "Mom, I can’t tell you anything you don’t already know.” 

Do you prefer to create or consume content?

Those two belong together. Consuming content provides inspiration for new creation. Creating content, on the other hand, affects how you perceive and view other content. If I have to separate them: Content creation during the day to be creative, content consumption in the evening to gather ideas.

Or perhaps you’d rather eat instead? What does content taste like for you?

Like Pizza Margherita. Labelled as a simple cheese pizza by many people, Pizza Margherita is much more than that. Because even a supposedly simple dish needs talent in its production. The best thing about it: If it's a really good pizza, there's hardly anyone who would say no to it. It's the same with content.

If content is king, who is queen?

Strategy. No matter how glorious content may be, if you don't have a strategy for getting it to the target group, it will get lost in today's flood of content. 

Content creation: What kick-starts your content machine?

Everyday situations like a conversation, a movie scene you see randomly, a song from a long forgotten time... Content inspiration lurks everywhere, you just have to find it.

Early bird or night owl?

The night owl became an early bird.

CrossFit or yoga?

It used to be cross-fit, now it’s more of extreme netflixing. That counts as exercise, right?

Coffee or tea?

100% coffee. Preferably in a café in Hietzing, which name ends with Tagesbar. If you know, you know..

What is your desktop background?

My motto is: variety. Right now it's a picture taken by a friend of mine, who works as a photographer. It shows an abandoned cabin and some sheep in Iceland. Sometimes, however, it just says "Get shit done". In gold. 

Social content: Facebook, Insta, YouTube – what is your favourite channel to stalk?

Definitely Insta. In my private life I rarely use Facebook anymore and I use videos on YouTube for background noise more than the radio.

Binge watching – we know you do it, too! What series has you hooked?

I tend to start series and stop watching them just before the last episode. I haven't figured out why I do it yet, but I'm having a hard time giving up on that habit. I did watch all episodes of some of them though, most importantly Prison Break and Money Heist.

Lost Content: Who would you like to bring back from the afterlife to do an interview with?

Heinz Conrads. To me he is a media figure of the first hour and he really knew how to make an impact through content long before digital communication channels even existed. Having a phrase that everyone associates with a certain person is a strong achievement. That’s what I call successful personal branding.

What’s the content of your milk carton: cow’s milk or soy?

Cow's milk in coffee. Oat milk or rice milk in cereal.

Hidden content: Just between us – what skeletons are hiding in your data closet?

Definitely photos. Which bothers me throughout the year, because I never feel that I have enough storage space, but I especially enjoy it on birthdays of family members & friends. There is nothing like a good #throwback photo. 

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Lorena Riegler

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