Content Creator Gabriel Kroher: "We are swimming in a big soup of quotes, shows and podcasts."

| September 08, 2020 | People | Reading time: 2 Minutes

Gabriel Kroher

Our content creator Gabriel always wanted to be a journalist. And now he's doing marketing. Fortunately he realized that they are not so different. Because they're about two things: Content and the format in which it can be expressed.

He knows little about Content governance and curation. But when it comes to articles and ideas about content, Gabriel is the right address. For our customers or in the editorial meetings of Content Glory, he works on new content and then takes care of putting something down in writing himself. 

Recently, he even changed the medium by working on  the HMC Podcast and editorially supervises René’s and Dominik's exchange about communication in the healthcare industry. In our interview he revealed why he is better off with podcasts than with Netflix and what a supermarket has to do with Content Marketing.

So you work with content?

I write articles for the blog and our customers, edit and contribute to the podcast. So I’m  called a Content Creator, but „Editor" describes it very well, too.

How do you explain the concept of content to your mum?

I think she already has a very good idea of what content is. She reads newspapers, listens to the radio and watches TV. And basically, this is all content. Content that provides some kind of opinion or information. We are constantly swimming in a big soup of quotes, series, articles and podcasts. You have to know your way around. And you have to put out there, what is important to you.

Do you prefer to create or consume content?

Watching is of course much more comfortable. And you can quietly and secretly think that you can do it all just as well or even better. „Producing" is much more riskier, but also more satisfying if it works.

Or perhaps you’d rather eat instead? What does content taste like for you?

Sometimes like homemade pappardelle with salmon and rosemary, sometimes like those cheeseburgers from the supermarket fridge. But it wouldn't be any fun without those extremes. 

If content is king, who is queen?

Presentation! The best texts are useless if the navigation on the website is a nightmare or the podcast was recorded next to a construction site. 

Content creation: What kick-starts your content machine?

Doing nothing. Lingering in the supermarket for example. Or distract yourself with something else, even if it means watching the same YouTube video for the hundredth time. And sometimes, unfortunately: sit down and just do it!

Early bird or night owl?

100% night owl.

CrossFit or yoga?

Soccer, but on well-tended lawns.

Coffee or tea?

Tea only for colds, otherwise coffee, but only with sugar!

What is your desktop background?

Alternating screenshots from good movies and wallpapers of bands. Very 2010 somehow, but reassuring.

Social content: Facebook, Insta, YouTube – what is your favourite channel to stalk?

I'm on YouTube a lot, there are some really good and well presented videos, for example here. And also a lot of nonsense, but you have to know how to profit from that.

Binge watching – we know you do it, too! What series has you hooked?

My answer is even more boring than "Breaking Bad": I am unfortunately more of a movie person :( But if I had to choose: Girls or Bojack Horseman.

What’s the content of your milk carton: cow’s milk or soy?

3,5 % fat pasture milk. And I like rice milk.

Hidden content: Just between us – what skeletons are hiding in your data closet?

Among my documents you can find "drehbuch.docx", my big idea for a series. I only wrote half a Word page so far...and it's terrible!


Gabriel Kroher

Credit: ©ekostsov/Adobe Stock