Content creator Paulin Klärner: “In order to create good content you need to practice empathy.”

| August 25, 2020 | People | Reading time: 2 Minutes

Paulin Klärner

At Content Glory Paulin is responsible for finding and creating good content. This includes writing articles, doing interviews, creating social media posts and editing videos. Her credo: „If you want to tell good stories you need to practice empathy every day”.

Empathy is important for interviews with experts and telling personal stories via video or text as well as for „translating” content for social media. In Paulin’s opinion you need to know your target audience and really try to understand their needs and preferences. To do so you have to be open and perceptive every day and view empathy as a process rather than a trait you just do or do not have.

What she loves most about her job? When, at the end of the day, at least one person benefits from or is entertained by the content she produces. For her that’s what content creation is about. 

So you work with content?

Exactly. I have always loved stories. Reading them, listening to them, watching them… fortunately I can now make a living telling them myself.

How do you explain the concept of content to your mum?

Mother! Focus! You remember the song from „Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory“? „There is no place I know that compares with your imagination“...that’s content!

Do you prefer to create or consume content?

I think you cannot separate creating and consuming content. Watching a good movie (or reading, or listening to content...) inspires me to create something worth consuming myself. And creating something yourself is always connected to sources of inspiration. So I think: You can’t have one without the other…

Or perhaps you’d rather eat instead? What does content taste like for you?

Depends on the content you’re eating. The content of a certain free, daily Austrian newspaper (if you know you know) tastes like an old, mushy Wurstsemmel, soaked with moisture from too many pickles. Looking at it you can clearly see  that none of the ingredients were made under ethical conditions, it’s just supposed to leave you sated, there’s no love in it.

Good content never tastes the same – but it’s always fresh and made with love and passion. And no animals had to die in the process of making it …also very important. ;) 

If content is king, who is queen?

Courage – to try new things, to do it differently, to stumble and learn from mistakes. This approach opens up new possibilities and perspectives. And in my opinion that’s what makes good content. Content with character.

Content creation: What kick-starts your content machine?

Cafés filled with interesting faces, talking, laughing, music playing in the background. In short: Stories told by everyday life.

Early bird or night owl?

Night owl. But soon I will be a grown up. Fingers crossed.

CrossFit or yoga?

Yoga. But my favourite exercise is still going for walks. And yes, this counts as exercise.

Coffee or tea?

Coffee. Black. No sugar. Melancholic and dark. With a nice Vanillekipferl.

What is your desktop background?

A picture from “Oh wie schön ist Panama” by Janosch. 

Social content: Facebook, Insta, YouTube – what is your favourite channel to stalk?

Facebook to connect, Instagram to chat. At the moment I get my daily dose of humor from Stefanie Sargnagel - and from my little sister, who is giving her puberty its glory here.

Binge watching – we know you do it, too! What series has you hooked?

Too many, as reflected by the number of years it took me to finish my Bachelor’s degree. But I think my favourite of the last years was „Breaking Bad“.

Lost Content: Who would you like to bring back from the afterlife to do an interview with?

Probably Leonard Cohen. We have a lot to talk about.

What’s the content of your milk carton: cow’s milk or soy?

Neither nor. As mentioned before, I like my coffee black. Like my soul. ;)

Hidden content: Just between us – what skeletons are hiding in your data closet?

A disastrous number of mirror selfies made with my digicam. Black charcoal liner, goth-bracelets and a good taste of the melancholy of puberty all inclusive.


Paulin Klärner

Credit: ©Leigh Prather/Adobe Stock