How Content Mar­keting helps a trans­lation office to al­ways find the right lingo

| September 11, 2019 | | Reading time: 4 Minutes

Meet & Drinks

A "Meet & Drinks" with white-wine spritzer, burritos and the collea­gues from the trans­lation agency: We look back on one year of co­operation, filled with ex­periences, lessons learnt and achieve­ments. And on a business relation­ship that grew into a friend­ship.Family-run company is managed by the father-daughter duo Meinrad and Eva Reiterer. With the headquarters being in Wolfsberg in the Carinthian Lavanttal valley, the company is not exactly close to a metropolis. In order to win more customers despite the location, the agency decided: “We need a partner for content marketing.” Since 2018  Content Glory and are working together.

With a focus on technical translations, Meinrad has a strong unique selling point – ever since the company was founded over 25 years ago. As one of the founding members of the Austrian Association of Translation Companies (AATC), is part of an excellent national and international network. As a Content Marketing partner, we are committed to share's wealth of experience and expertise with the digital world.

Two companies, one mentality

First autodidactically, later in cooperation with marketing agencies, then back to the self-taught approach: is not a newcomer to marketing. In the end, however, was confronted with its own limits and decided to support its marketing activities with an external partner – and with a precise request: The partner had to be familiar with the Marketing automation platform Hubspot and train's employees in the area of Content Marketing.’s CEO Eva Reiterer was responsible for marketing at that time and came across Content Glory through Hubspot's certified partner agencies. When we got to know each other, the first impression was positive, on both sides. "During the discussions, we immediately noticed that CEO René Neubach was not interested in selling Content Glory, but how he could help best," says Eva. "And that's the same mentality that we have with our customers." In the following cooperation, we didn’t just work with Hubspot's features, such as the Content Management System used to create and manage the blog. In the end, we became's strategic partner for Editorial Content and an integrated Content Strategy.

Project goal: Generating leads

At the beginning of the cooperation, René asked the first crucial question: "Who do you want to reach?” The target group was then defined in detail: Targeted are both companies that require technical translation, as well as translators for whom is a potential employer. A workshop at the company's location in Wolfsberg set the Content Marketing process in motion. In addition to communicating corporate culture, the workshop also focused on strengths, weaknesses, competition and, of course, strategic decisions. After that, the project goal was clear: generating more and valuable leads.

In consideration of the company's identity, purposeful measures were fixated to achieve this goal:

  • Communicating personality, expertise and experience
  • Starting a collection of topics for editorial series
  • Increasing organic traffic (i.e. unpaid search results via Google and more)
  • Creating a newsletter

"It seemed like an impossible task at first," says Eva. "But Content Glory has stripped off the uncertainty for us."

Implementation: Digging for the thematical gold

In January 2019 the time had finally come: The project entered the implementation phase. In between the first workshop in Wolfsberg and the implementation, meetings were held to further define the strategy, the Editorial Concept and the Content Governance Paper, i.e. the stylistic guidelines. In addition, organisational tools such as Trello were explained and the responsibility for Hubspot was handed over to us. The following tasks were implemented:

  • Digging for the thematically gold: already had a blog with articles about their work before the collaboration. Now it was a matter of digging for topics which represented their great expertise even stronger.
  • A new editorial strategy: Content Glory utilized a novel editorial strategy for’s project. Topic clusters became Content Offers, e.g. e-books with targeted content. After defining big topics, singular articles were created.
  • Newsletter Marketing: We began to send monthly updates to communicate successfully to existing and new customers. 
  • Revision of the website: After defining the target audience, strategy and goals, the blog had to be revised. In order to establish a uniform style in the texts, our editor Carina created new articles or rewrote existing ones.

With open communication any challenge can be handled – even capacity bottlenecks

Spring 2019 was exciting in several respects, both for and for Content Glory. With the opening of its office in Graz, established a second office and Content Glory also expanded by recruiting a new team and moving to a larger office in Vienna. Between expansion and onboardings, however, this phase amounted to bottlenecks: "At the beginning of our collaboration, I always felt like Content Glory was ten steps ahead of us in the preparations and we could rely on you to push us," says Eva. "In April and May there was a lot going on at Content Glory and we had to be more proactive on our part – we learned a lot from it".

By now, there is much more input again and that's exactly what likes so much about Content Glory, says Eva. "The personal relationship is really good and we can openly address things," answers René. "If a process doesn't run smoothly, you can talk freely about it – the partnership helps a lot." 

We strive to maintain this amicable relationship with every customer, but with there is another special particularity, because Content Glory and are also growing together locally: Two employees based in Vienna have moved into the new Content Glory office. "Having our people in the Content Glory office certainly enhances the cooperation," believes Eva.

Initial results

Although the joint project was launched just over half a year ago, initial positive feedback is clearly noticeable for – especially with regard to the blog and newsletter. The first newsletter was sent at the beginning of March, announcing the opening of the Graz office. At a conference later that month, Eva was approached by customers and colleagues about the new opening. "Finally we have the voice to reach customers and a channel to effectively communicate with them", says Eva.

Other initial achievements are also the reading time and click rates on articles, which have greatly improved. The reading time for an article is about 3 minutes – a good result for articles with roughly 800 characters. Overall, the number of monthly users on the website has also increased by 37%. The open rate for newsletters is at 30%. Click rates also improved: To +10%. Indicators that the launch was completed well. And how many leads could be generated? On average ten per month. 

After a year of working together, we have a rich experience. René: "We have learned what is relevant for the target group and what is not. Now we're working with a more precise approach to generate valuable leads from the very beginning."

In the end, there is only one thing left to say: Thank you, for one year of successful communication and cooperation. We are already looking forward to the next phase in our joint Content Marketing adventure and the upcoming "Meet & Drinks" – until then we’re preparing by cooling the white wine!

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