How Content Marketing & Marketing Automation are winning importance - Content Gap Survey results

| October 12, 2018 | Inbound Marketing | Reading time: 2 Minutes

Content Markting

For the second year in a row we conducted the Content Gap Survey to find out about the information need of our clients, partners and colleagues around the field of Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation.

And like last year, for every completed survey we donated € 20 to the Austrian Children Cancer research, € 400 in total this year. We know it is not a fortune, but we are really happy to support this cause and hope to top this amount next year with your help!


Our first question was in which topics around the field of Digital Marketing the respondents are interested, in which areas they had realised projects in 2016 or what they are planning in 2017.

Of the 21 respondents of the survey 67% said they would be interested in strategic planning and Analytics. This reflects a trend to be more careful with marketing spend than previous times. Starting with clear goals and objectives, defining KPIs and a precise plan who to target with which services is the necessary first step to make efficient use of marketing budgets. The fact that also 38% are planning initiatives around this topic in the next 12 months shows that there is more information needed on where to start the journey to successful Digital and Multi-Channel Marketing initiatives. 

Content Marketing and Marketing Automation on the rise

While tactical execution already had a bit uptake last year, the interest for Content Marketing initiatives and Marketing Automation rises and deserves more profound information. Since "the only marketing that's left" (Copyright Seth Godin) is becoming more and more of a standard practise in companies and corporations nowadays, the need to publish content items in a resource-saving way is gaining higher importance even with small and mid-sized companies. Therefore, information on using the right software, setup and strategy behind Marketing Automation activities is something we will have a close focus on in the upcoming months.

Need for training and agency cooperation

Digital Marketing and especially Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation still seem to be in a quite immature stage for many small and mid-sized businesses. Thus, a need for information and training of CEOs, marketing and sales staff is imminent and should not be ignored to use internal resources as good as possible.

On the other hand, the survey shows that many marketers want to understand collaboration with agencies in a better way as internal resources are limited.


Our recommendation:

Build up knowledge internally as much as possible, start with the help of external partners. Your company should aim to cover marketing activities internally once the basis is built and the machine running. And always, always keep the full expertise of your topic internally!

Short articles, graphic content and videos preferred

76% of respondents said they would prefer short articles like blog posts, followed by photos, infographics, illustrations and images (62%) and videos (38%). So here you go, this short article and the infographic below should be made for your taste. ;-) 


Although eMail has a bad reputation (remember, never call an eMail newsletter!), it still is the preferred channel to receive information (100% response rate), followed by company/personal blogs and Facebook (33%) and LinkedIn (23%).

In practice we can see these figures correlate with the interactions of our activities.


Marketers still have a bit potential to pick up on Strategic planning and Analytics, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation. But the interest for these topics is on the rise. Internal knowledge is a big gap and the need for help to jumpstart is imminent.

We are happy to deliver some of this needed information and are always interested to hear your questions and thoughts, also over a cup of coffee or a short telephone conversation talking about your existing digital initiatives.



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Credit: © Alejandro Escamilla/Unsplash