Marketing Consultant Ursula Mitter­egger: Good content melts on your tongue

Vanessa Kraut | August 16, 2019 | Content Marketing | Reading time: 3 Minutes

Ursula Mitteregger

In the right place at the right time: When consumers are lost in the Marketing jungle, Content Marketing paves the way with relevant content. Ursula Mitteregger, Marketing Consultant at Content Glory, ensures that both customers and projects always stay on track.

As a Marketing Consultant, Ursula is responsible for customer care as well as Content and Project Management. She’s keeping track of the editorial plan, the progress of our various projects and all the subtleties that vary from customer to customer.

Even after working hours Ursula engages with Content Marketing – in combination with her second professional mainstay: fitness training. In the interview she tells us more about how she manages to do that and why she would describe herself as a "both"-person. 

So you work with content?

Exactly! My interest for creative marketing was already evident during my studies, but it wasn't until years later that I found my home in Content Marketing. As a freelance sports science consultant, I combined my passion for writing, designing and working with modern online tools with my enthusiasm for sports for the first time and ventured into the public with my own fitness blog. As luck would have it, this step finally brought me to Content Glory, where I can now fully live out my passion for Content Marketing.

How do you explain the concept of content to your mum?

Well, I would ask my dad, because my mum doesn't live in our world anymore, as I like to think of it philosophically. Since my dad loves to travel, I would tell him: Content is like a tempting travel guide that falls into your hands at exactly the right time and magically gets you to book your next trip exactly there.

Do you prefer to create or consume content?

Phew, both! I am actually a "both"-person in many areas. This is probably because I was born under the sign of Sagittarius with ascendant Cancer –  and these zodiac signs are completely different. But if I had to make a choice, I'd probably opt for content viewing – and get inspired for the next Content Production.

Or perhaps you’d rather eat instead? What does content taste like for you?

Good content is as sweet as chocolate! At the right time it melts on your tongue, goes down like oil and with its extraordinarily good taste it makes sure that you can never get enough of it. But, just like chocolate, the right dosage is the way to go. Enjoyed in adequate bites, chocolate and content are child's play to consume at any time. 

If content is king, who is queen?

Relevance! The best content can vanish into nothing, when it is presented at the wrong time in the wrong place. Finding out how your target group thinks and what it needs, when and in which form – that is probably the biggest challenge in Content Marketing.

Content creation: What kick-starts your content machine?

To think outside of the box and plain and simply: peace and tranquillity. The best ideas come to me either in exchange with colleagues, friends and family or in complete silence. Then my thoughts can roam freely and bring out new ideas.

Early bird or night owl?

That’s difficult – to me that depends very much on my state of mind during the day. Sometimes I'm fully active early in the morning, but on other days I don't get to my peak until the evening hours.

CrossFit or yoga?

Uh, exactly my topic! ;) Hm, in this case I lean towards yoga. I haven’t been enthusiastic about CrossFit, but more about high intensity training and functional workouts. Here, I also need both: sometimes higher, faster – sometimes calm and flowing. That’s the only way I can find the balance.

Coffee or tea?

For a very long time, my answer would have been tea – but since three years it's clearly coffee. I love the aroma and I also get excited about the taste. With coffee always comes a warm and pleasant feeling.

What is your desktop background?

It's a snapshot of a mountain landscape that my mum once took. I got her old laptop and still haven't changed the picture. I guess it reminds me of her.

Social content: Facebook, Insta, YouTube – what is your favourite channel to stalk?

Definitely Instagram. Facebook comes right after that. These two media can be consumed quickly and anytime during breaks. Other times, I can spend hours clicking from one profile to the next, especially on Instagram, and getting inspired by new ideas.

Binge watching – we know you do it, too! What series has you hooked?

I'm not a fan of series! I confess that when I was younger, I used to watch “Charmed” and “Gilmore Girls”, just like every young girl. But I don't watch Netflix series and crime series also don’t interest me. I rather prefer to watch quiz shows, sports or TV formats like “Jungle Camp” or “DSDS”. I find them really entertaining. ;)

What’s the content of your milk carton: cow’s milk or soy?

Cow's milk – preferably low-fat.

Hidden content: Just between us – what skeletons are hiding in your data closet?

Haha, they are hiding in the photo album! :) When I look at photos from my childhood, I always marvel at the crazy outfits and looks that used to be common at that time.


Ursula Mitteregger

Credit: ©okalinichenko/Adobe Stock