The true value of content marketing - Part III

| August 18, 2020 | Content Marketing | Reading time: 3 Minutes

Inhouse Department vs Agency

Small and medium-sized companies in particular are faced with the challenge of digitising their offerings in order to remain competitive. However, if companies want to expand their digital marketing, they are faced with a difficult question: Should we establish an in-house department or work with an external agency? There is no universal answer to this question, which is why we have set out the relevant decision-making parameters in this article.

The outsourcing of certain areas within a company has long been established: Products are manufactured where it is most cost-effective, service centers of European companies are located in cities like Mumbai. The situation is similar with marketing activities. You have to weigh up whether you can cover these within your own company or outsource them to an external service provider. One thing is clear: the ongoing digitalization requires all companies to have an attractive web presence and targeted online marketing in order to stand out positively from the competition.

(Not) only a question of the budget?

When you decide to work with an agency, costs always play a major role. The hourly rates of an agency are higher than those of an in-house department. On closer inspection, however, you can see why: An agency not only produces content, it also provides companies with comprehensive support far beyond the scope of a campaign. Thus, helping you with finding an identity and defining target groups is as equally part of an agency's tasks as writing and publishing content. During this entire process, you are supported by a complete team, whose experts are usually specialized in a certain area.

As a professional agency, we at Content Glory also need certain tools to be able to fulfill our online marketing tasks on a daily basis. These tools help to structure and organize not only our tasks but also marketing automation. This includes, for example, newsletter scheduling and distribution or setting publish dates for social media posts. We also need different programs for the licensing and editing of images and photos, such as Photoshop. The use of these programs is accompanied by considerable license fees and further training costs, which an in-house department has to come up for by itself. An overview of the six cost blocks of our work can be found in "The true value of content marketing – Part 2".

How to find the right agency

The choice of the right online marketing agency should be well considered. Because it makes a big difference whether you just need a logo and a website presence, or whether you are planning a social media campaign lasting several months with target group-specific articles and postings. Our hobbyhorses include content and inbound marketing as well as the automation of marketing activities. You can find an overview of our services here.

What teamwork within an agency means

If you know where to set your own priorities, they can be easily implemented with the help of a specialized agency. We, the employees of Content Glory, work in structured processes and each one of us has extensive knowledge in different areas. From IT specialists to passionate content creators – our team is as multi-faceted as online marketing itself. This is how we can guarantee that you will always find the right person to answer all your questions. We have introduced ourselves briefly on our website, so you can get an idea of us and our specialisations.

The value of experience

Most agencies, including Content Glory, have a solid customer base from various industries. For example, we work with companies from the pharmaceutical industry, or even from the industrial sector. Through this cooperation we have been able to acquire specific industry knowledge over the years – which in turn ensures that we can achieve defined results faster and more efficiently. We bundle the competences of our team in order to adapt them flexibly to your project.

What role the fluctuating field of "online marketing" plays in the decision

What’s new today is old tomorrow. No field is subject to such rapid change as online marketing. Changes, innovations and technical advances are almost the order of the day. Therefore it is extremely important for marketing professionals to keep their knowledge up to date. When you do all your marketing activities inhouse, you as a company are obliged to bear the costs of ongoing training courses. For the team of an online agency, it is part of their daily business to always stay up to date.

To summarize it

Online marketing with all its associated activities cannot simply be done on the side and often goes beyond the scope of the internally responsible department. SEO optimization, researching and writing blog articles or newsletters require much more time than one might think.. In order to be successful, you need extensive knowledge in various areas, as well as regular analysis and monitoring of activities to be able to adapt them to the current situation. The takeaways at a glance:

  • Agencies charge higher hourly rates than in-house employees – and for good reason
  • For the hourly rate you have a whole team, instead of just one employee, by your side
  • Your company receives new impulses from different fields by the agency team
  • Experts from the agency team provide you with an external view of your own content – this creates new inspiration and development opportunities 
  • Agencies already use and license a variety of tools that have to be financed in-house
  • Training and education costs, as well as most of the royalties for tools are covered by the Agency

First inform, then decide

You are still undecided which way is the right one for your company? We would be happy to give you a little more information about our working methods. Read our article "SCHMACHTL: The Journey of a Family Business into the Digital Age" and find out how we have jointly developed goals and contents for the industrial company SCHMACHTL. Also included: Our team – the "six glorious companions" – and their respective tasks during our journey into the digital age.

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