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HubSpot, the all-in-one inbound solution: CRM, marketing & sales automation

Uncoordinated content management, incomprehensible sales processes, irrelevant reporting, lack of optimization of various marketing and sales processes and activities, as well as uninteresting content for customers – these are the challenges that modern marketing and sales teams face in their daily work.

With the help of HubSpot, your company can easily map and efficiently implement all processes and workflows related to customer acquisition and retention – and, most importantly, do it measurably and in clear comparison to your return on investment (ROI).

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Not just for IT nerds: HubSpot is a tool for everyone

  • Automated and personalized marketing and sales processes
  • Simple Content Management System (CMS)
  • Clear customer data management - Customer Relationship Management System (CRM), Lead Management & Lead Nurturing
  • Comprehensive reporting and insights
  • Email marketing
  • Social media management
  • Analysis & optimization of SEO measures
  • Creation of blogs, landing pages, websites, and CTAs
  • Other easily configured marketing automation features such as chatbots, personalized content, and appointment booking

In short, HubSpot and its various software tools eliminate unnecessary time and effort, as well as the mass processing of customer communications. By automating workflows, the focus is both on targeted and personalized communication with a company's “good fits” and on optimizing the resources of the marketing and sales teams involved and their joint productivity. This promotes effective content distribution, an accelerated personalized sales process, higher revenues, and ultimately more satisfied, returning customers.

Reporting is key: With HubSpot Analytics to the desired business goal

Via HubSpot Analytics and the integrated intelligent data management system, the ROI of the company's marketing and sales activities can be accessed swiftly and simply at any time and evaluated immediately. This answers burning questions such as: Was the investment in a designated marketing or sales activity worth the effort? Is the content produced successful? Does it attract readers and thus potential customers? How much business has actually been successfully gained in the past weeks compared to the countless contacts made?

As part of our Content Glory Marketing & Sales Mastery program, Content Glory focuses on the following challenges:

The groundwork for the successful use of Hubspot

Strategy Workshops

  • Company goals and positioning
  • Definition of target groups/industries
  • Creation of buying personas
  • Development of sales processes and touchpoints
  • Content strategy and management
  • Planning of resources

Beyond the Marketing & Sales Mastery program, we assist in the successful use of HubSpot to increase leads and revenue as follows:

  • Consulting and training
  • Technical setup of HubSpot 
  • Integration of various interfaces
  • Onboarding and employee training
  • Setup of templates, modules, and intelligent workflows
  • Lead classification and development
  • Analytics optimization
  • Inbound sales training

For a quick start to professional and successful HubSpot use, we offer assistance in the form of practical training and coaching. This enables your teams to master and tap into the full potential of this powerful all-in-one solution for marketing and sales automation in-house in the long term.

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