Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation – The most efficient marketing in the world

What really deserves your time?

In which area of work do you create the most added value? Do you love direct contact with the customer? Or perhaps you’re an ace in relationship management? Even so, you should not have to personally send each customer mail. Maybe you prefer numbers to humans? Then perhaps your strength lies more in the analysis and interpretation of performance reports. But that does not mean you have to collect each data set yourself.

The scarcest resource in marketing teams is usually not talent, but time. Innovative campaigns must be designed and implemented alongside everyday work. Marketing Automation increases the efficiency of your implementation and analysis processes, giving marketers more time to focus on the essentials.

Low-hanging Fruits

Marketing Automation measures are usually quick to implement and can bring significant efficiency gains. In combination with an adequate content strategy, Marketing Automation helps you to push target group-oriented campaigns to your audience with minimal effort. Marketing initiatives and workflows are optimised based on insights gleaned from the analysis tools about the usage behaviour of your visitors and customers.

As automated as possible, as manual as necessary

There are a variety of automation tools available today that can help you with routine marketing tasks. From well-known eMail Marketing systems such as MailChimp to survey tools such as SurveyMonkey, the automation options range from low-budget CRM systems to full-fledged Marketing Automation suites such as Marketo Salesforce SalesClouds, Adobe Marketing Cloud or Oracle Eloqua. HubSpot combines many of these tools and more in one system, while featuring additional integration capabilities for other applications.

Automation as couple’s therapy

In many instances, the collaboration between marketing and sales resembles a dispassionate, sometimes hostile forced marriage. Automation works differently. Modern marketing technologies help bridge the gap between marketing and sales. Automation tools not only relieve marketing, but can also provide sales with information with considerable added value. It collects behavioural data about interested parties so that the sales team can focus their resources fully on the most promising leads rather than going after each individual contact. Not only does this data-driven approach help better identify leads, but it can also shorten the sales cycle through the automated exchange of information between marketing and sales – and perhaps incidentally rekindle the love between two partners who have long worked side-by–side but not together.

We know what we’re doing

As a HubSpot Gold Partner, we have gained a lot of experience handling the automation system. We are happy to share our expertise and offer you the following services:

  • Demo of the functionalities
  • Individual adaptation to your requirements
  • Setup of templates
  • Lead generation techniques
  • Workflow concepts and setup
  • eMail marketing concepts
  • Lead nurturing concepts and sales team integration
HubSpot Gold Partner

Incidentally, we do not recommend anything that we have not tested and approved ourselves – we also use HubSpot for our internal process management and therefore learn from our own experience.


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