Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Video Marketing – Nothing works without video. Action!


38 years ago, video killed the radio. Today, the format also has text and image on its conscience. It is therefore considered the future carrier of Content Marketing.

Did you know that …

  • … in 2019 video format will account for more than 80% of total website traffic?
  • ... the inclusion of videos in eMails can increase click-through rates by 200-300%?
  • ... placing videos on landing pages can increase the conversion rate by 80%?

In summary, moving images have been the most important trend in Content Marketing since man chiselled the first letter in stone 8,000 years ago. How so? On the one hand, it is no longer just professionals who create videos – today, anybody with a smartphone can be a director. On the other hand, video produces a lot of attention and engagement compared to other formats. Surely you have already noticed that the interaction rates of videos on social media and the length of stay on websites are many times higher than with image or text-based content.

More Drama, Baby

The reason for this is simple: emotion. Video usually carries more emotion than other media. Users can identify better with people in videos and thus remember the content more easily or transpose it to their own situation. If the target audience remembers the content well, it will later recollect it and therefore also the company or the brand. This in turn increases recognition, image and, ultimately, sales.

Rise to Glory - Our Services

In cooperation with an experienced, highly creative video team we conceive and produce customised Video Marketing concepts according to your specific requirements. Our service offer includes:

  • Development of an underlying content strategy
    Who is my target audience? What content is relevant for them? On which channels can I reach them? Etc.
  • Creation of video concept and storyboard
  • Recommendation of a production partner from our network of experts and industry experts (for example in the healthcare sector)
  • Personal support and advice when working on the set
  • Continuous reporting on project progress
  • Video production and marketing
    Adaptation of the video format to the corresponding channels
  • Experience with genre-spanning productions
    Image films, product videos, testimonials, expert interviews, behind the scenes/making of (including at events), etc.
  • Creation of a questionnaire for expert interviews
    For content in the healthcare sector, our experienced health editor will be at your side.
  • Subsequent processing of generated content
    In text material or infographics
  • Optional additional services
    Transcriptions, subtitles, translations in cooperation with our partners, etc.


René Neubach:

"Our job as a Content Marketing agency is to produce a lot of content and our clients are the experts for their content. However, the problem is that our clients are very tight with their resources and that's why we try to get the most out of them. Working with video footage is a very effective tool because it allows you to efficiently generate a lot of content in a short time. Apart from the fact that we get a lot of videos from one day of shooting that can be edited and published, they generate content that our editors can later use/pick up on – e.g. as text material or infographics."


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