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Web Development

Web Development – What you need for a perfect website

No house is safe on someone else’s land

Given the variety of social networking opportunities available today, it's tempting to build your own online presence on an unknown site. However, in doing so you are putting yourself at the mercy of the providers in terms of guidelines and algorithms. And if the platform should ever disappear completely from the web, so does your entire community. As a first step, it is therefore important to recognise that owning a website is essential for your online success.

Guests fill the home with life

The best house is worth nothing if you cannot share it with anyone. Do you know what we are talking about? Do you already have a nice home, but nobody comes to visit? Are you lacking interior design ideas? Do you wonder how you can communicate your offer and what makes your web presence attractive? Maybe you find it difficult to select content that will fill your website? Or to get interested users to visit again?

Or perhaps you are about to start a brand new project, looking for a partner to help you prepare and communicate your ideas and content for your target audience.

It takes a team to build a dream

We will gladly assist you in implementing your concepts and wishes and bring fresh, creative ideas to your project. The entire construction process is accompanied by creative minds and experts in the areas of development, web design, management and editing. Continuous, transparent project management and a partnership-like cooperation on equal terms are the cornerstones on which we build your house.

Speaking of transparency, we work in Web Development with the following two technologies:

  • The Content Management System WordPress, which is known for its easy handling and allows a lot of leeway for individual implementation. We assist you in the conception and selection of suitable themes in cooperation with dotsandlines.
  • And the complete solution HubSpot, with which you can not only create your website and landing pages, but with the help of various integrations (CRM system, marketing and sales software) can cover other activities such as eMail Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Analytics, etc.

Inviting ambience and hospitality

A successful visit begins on arrival. The most beautiful house will remain unvisited if no guest can find it. We help you to prepare your content so that it is both target-group oriented and search engine-friendly. Appealing web look and intuitive navigation ensure that your users feel comfortable and find their way around.

Rise to Glory - Our services

  • Web Development based on WordPress or HubSpot (we can also connect them, if required)
  • Adapting the web design to an existing corporate identity
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – both technical implementation and editorial implementation
  • Adapting existing content or generating new content
  • Responsive design
  • Regular reporting on project progress
  • Optional: application concept for website launch (including online and offline activities)


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