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Content Management & Training: The skills and know-how to bring marketing and sales activities to the next level

Organizational talent, strategy genius, digital native, IT nerd and creative scribbler – the demands companies place on content managers are varied, exciting and, above all, challenging. Usually, these content managers are either "trained" marketing all-rounders with conventional degrees in business administration and marketing, or they have a background in journalism and a degree in communications. Most of them have not been trained in content management from the ground up, but still bear full responsibility for ensuring that the right content is published at the right time.

The comprehensive content management of a company includes a strong and customer-oriented content strategy as well as the subsequent efficient implementation, provision and further development of relevant and interestingly prepared topics – in a wide variety of formats on different communication channels. All of this should accelerate the sales success and push the revenue development of the company forward.

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Back to the start: Things to consider before Content Creation

Work processes are unclear, teamwork and interface coordination leave a lot to be desired, technical issues cause headaches, the general resource allocation is chaotic and there are no frameworks to simplify the work. As a result, the focus is lost in the daily work routine, and motivation, standards and quality standards drop. 

In order to successfully master these challenges as a team, extensive coaching and specialized training for content managers are more important than ever. Content Glory supports and offers practical assistance along all the touchpoints of content management, from strategic workshops to correct reporting and optimization of your content. This way, independent and professional in-house content management is a breeze.  

The right equipment: An extensive toolbox

The content management coaching and training of our Content Glory Mastery Program consists of various aspects providing theoretical and practical assistance and is primarily designed for the acquisition and independent implementation of proven solution approaches:

A company needs to set the proper steps for independent and professional content management from the very beginning. The goal: minimize cost and time expenditure, be able to produce customer-oriented content in-house, and thus contribute to the company's long-term success sustainably.

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