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Healthcare industry: A successful approach to a challenging environment

Sales and marketing present a special challenge in the healthcare sector. Regulatory frameworks, corporate policies and decades-old embedded sales processes collide with a changed environment in the age of digitalization. You need a plan to develop new, trusted approaches and reach your target audiences. Talk to a consultant about how such a plan could look like.

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Achieve relevant results with the following skills:

  • Create content to build trust with your target audiences and generate increased revenue
  • Successfully involve the sales team in your marketing activities
  • Measure the results of your sales and marketing activities and improve the visibility of ROI

We help you solve the following problems

  • Marketing and sales activities are not showing measurable results.
  • Marketing materials are not being used by sales representatives.
  • New prospects are difficult to reach.
  • The cost of acquiring new customers is increasing.
  • Sales cycles are getting longer.
  • The marketing content does not have the desired effect on prospects and customers.
  • The advertising costs in traditional media are becoming more expensive and simultaneously not measurable.
  • Conventions and trade fairs present a high financial investment, but have no long-term effect on your sales.
  • The company's level of digitalization is not advanced enough to be effective in new dimensions.

The Content Glory Framework helps you develop a plan to gradually eliminate these problems and achieve measurable results faster.

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YOUR Coach

René Neubach

René Neubach, CEO & Coach

15 years of experience in healthcare, 7 years in the industry. Numerous international consulting and training assignments.

Content Glory Inbound Marketing Services

Content Marketing
Create content that builds trust, radiates expertise, and, most importantly, that people actually read.

Sales Enablement
Use content to broaden the knowledge and skills of your customers and accelerate the sales process.

CRM – HubSpot
Get more results from your investment by understanding and learning how to use all the system's tools properly.

Email Marketing
Learn to send emails in a way that is attractive to your prospects and thus benefits your sales process.

Create relevant content in different formats that will educate your customers and enable them to make the right decisions.

Use lead management and personalized content to reach the right audience.

Learn how to read data correctly, visualize it and apply the obtained knowledge efficiently.

Learn to use both the content and the technical aspects in the correct balance to generate more traffic for your website.

Conversion Rate Optimization
Build effective opportunities on your website to achieve more conversions.

Social Media
Reach your audience where they are and build an active community.

Audio & Podcast
Use the emotional medium of podcasts to share your knowledge with your customers and potential clients.

3 steps toward more sales

  1. Schedule a consultation

    After learning about your goals and challenges, we'll present your team with a customized program that combines proven strategies and tactical elements.

  2. Create a plan

    You'll receive strategic coaching for your leadership team and hands-on training for your sales and marketing teams that will help you master confidence, competency and independence in inbound marketing and sales activities.

  3. See results

    Within weeks, you'll see measurable sales results. During our program, you'll become a trusted authority within your industry and domain, which in turn will help you generate more leads and more sales.


  • TAYA (Certificate)

  • HubSpot-certified

  • Story Brand (Certificate)

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How much does it cost to achieve great results with your healthcare sales and marketing activities?

We start at €5,500/month.*

You work in 90-day cycles with your coach to get your teams on the same page, establish processes, complete training, and accomplish the work that matters to you and will ultimately get you to your pre-defined goal. If you would like to move through the program at a faster pace, you can work on multiple activities simultaneously.

*The initial setup cost of the program is €7.500,-.

The Content Glory coaching and training program trains you in these 4 skills:

  1. Create content that generates sales

  2. Produce videos that shorten the sales process

  3. Keep track of return on investment with tools like HubSpot

  4. Integrate relevant content into the sales process

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