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Managing Partner, Content Strategist

Focuses on strategies in Digital, Content and Inbound Marketing. Special industry knowledge in Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, sports and triathlon, but a constant learning individual who loves to get involved with new clients, industries and areas. Loves his activities as Digital Marketing Trainer and Workshop leader which allows him to get educated ongoing.

Working in the field of Digital Marketing since 1998 and worked on about 1000 projects. Had a career as eMarketing manager in the Pharmaceutical industry and Digital agencies in various functions as Art Director, Concept writer and Creative Director.

Is a passionate athlete and father of two lovely little monsters. Always has a jar of nuts on his desk, but has bicycles instead of paintings on his wall. Is a coffeeholic with a penchant for meetings over breakfast, lunch or alongside a nice glass of beer or wine.

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Content Creator

Noticed early that writing was her thing. So after finishing school she decided to dive more deeply into the world of languages. After failing dramatically at Russian and French, she finally succeeded with a bachelor’s degree in “English and American Studies”.

In retrospective she should have studied psychology, but didn’t, because her mother (a psychologist) would have been too pleased. After about 10 years of this stubborn post-puberty-phase, Paulin decided to start an education as a sexual counsellor. You could argue that her mother won.

Her writing career started with an apprenticeship in her early 20’s. Paulin and the written word have been in love ever since. After several years of writing for different magazines she is now supporting the Content Glory team with her enthusiasm for, and expertise on topics about mental and physical health.

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Paulin Klärner


Content Creator

Started his academic career in Political Science in Germany. Born in Munich he later moved to Vienna. Pursuing his masters in Publishing he discovered his true passion: telling stories

As a writer for Content Glory he is constantly striving toward interesting content and inspiring ways to convey information. Only as a part of the wonderful team that he has just found will he be able to achieve these goals. His experience in television and print media is sure to further him in his efforts. 

Remains in love with his childhood passion for football. As an adult he frequently reads novels and can cook an acceptable salmon pasta. He has to this day successfully avoided acquiring an instagram account.

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Garbiel Kroher


Content Creator

Completed the CEMS Master Program in International Management at WU Vienna. Now works as an editor and is responsible for Content Creation and Management.

Used to be a product manager at L’Oréal. Has much experience in planning and implementing online campaigns in the cosmetic industry, but doesn’t cover up inconvenient truths – like the fact that she is a hopelessly bad driver.

Loves the smell of windscreen cleaner, but still uses socially accepted perfume. Does a lot of yoga and likes listening to techno. Has a weakness for Armin Wolf, but unfortunately often falls asleep before the ZIB2.

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Carina Sitz


Freelance Marketing Consultant

Despite her young age, she already has some years of marketing experience on the hump, though as a prospective yoga teacher she always keeps him fit & strong. After studying Management in Graz & Taiwan, she breathed 2.5 years of corporate air at L’Oréal and then joined the StartUp adventure as Head of Marketing.

Now she is an open book for our clients and likes to share her knowledge in the areas of Brand Strategy, Influencer Marketing & Social Media.

If the fivefold aunt doesn’t (professionally) fine-tune her cool Instagram postings, she discovers the world and cultivates her relationship with her beloved KitchenAid – much to the delight of her loved ones, who are regularly provided with brownies and banana bread.

Julia Freidl


Graphic Artist

He is a creative primary rock from a time when he still spent his working hours with phototypesetter, light table and darkroom and has been digitized by PageMaker and Apple LaserWriter since 1990. Since then, he could unfold his  enthusiasm for typography and design. 

Markus ran into Mr Neubach more than ten years ago. Since then their paths have crossed again and again, sometimes in running shoes, now and then for a beer and more often in a professional context.

Since 8.8.88 (!) he owns a trade licence for advertising graphics and lives with one and the same woman (!!) for just as long. Has enriched his life a good dozen years ago as a father with a fascinating facet. Last but not least the desired keywords: Family, Marathon, Waldviertel, Craft-Beer, Books, Deep snow, Design, Gastronomy philosophy.

Markus Wild