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CEO | Head of Content Strategy and Consulting | Coaching

Focuses on strategies in Digital, Content and Inbound Marketing. Special industry knowledge in Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, sports and triathlon, but a constant learning individual who loves to get involved with new clients, industries and areas. Loves his activities as Digital Marketing Trainer and Workshop leader which allows him to get educated ongoing.

Working in the field of Digital Marketing since 1998 and worked on about 1000 projects. Had a career as eMarketing manager in the Pharmaceutical industry and Digital agencies in various functions as Art Director, Concept writer and Creative Director.

Is a passionate athlete and father of two lovely little monsters. Always has a jar of nuts on his desk, but has bicycles instead of paintings on his wall. Is a coffeeholic with a penchant for meetings over breakfast, lunch or alongside a nice glass of beer or wine.

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René Neubach


Marketing Consulting | Project Management | Coaching

It was clear from early on that Victoria wanted to study "something to do with media". Even as a small child, she was enthusiastic about media and had the dream of becoming a presenter. Back then, she made her own weather map to present the weather in front of her father's camera. During her Bachelor's and Master's studies in digital media management at the University of Applied Sciences in St. Pölten, she completed several internships at radio stations. She finally specialised in content management.

She is now a coach at Content Glory after gaining experience in the marketing department of a pharmaceutical company. Victoria accompanies our clients in implementing inbound & content marketing activities within the company and has already assisted in some glorious lead increases.

Victoria Kasamas


Content Management Healthcare

Sonja has been involved in the marketing and communication industry for no less than 25 years. Apart from her studies of journalism and economic sciences she always nurtured a special interest in healthcare, which is why she took on a job as a doctor’s assistant while pursuing her academic career. After teaching international marketing as an assistant lecturer at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, she took up writing texts for content agencies and publishers in the healthcare industry. As project manager and freelance editor she has already published her articles in numerous healthcare magazines in print and online.

At Content Glory she enthusiastically engages in writing articles for diverse audiences. Whether it be creative texts, marketing projects, themed cakes or redesigning her own house and garden – she simply loves to create tailormade solutions.

Sonja regularly exceeds her phone’s storage space by capturing natural landscapes or shared moments with her husband, children, dog “Boki” and friends – really by taking pictures of just about everything. She is very health-conscious in a non-fanatical way and, not averse to culinary pleasures, takes in ice cream and chocolate for the benefit of her mental well-being at times.

Sonja Zechmann


Content Management

Most often found between the pages of a book far too thick, it was clear even as a child – she had to do something creative later on in life. After an internship in Northern Ireland and a fresh passion for the English language, she was drawn to study English & American Studies after graduating. During this time she was not only able to live out her dreams of pretentious but entertaining discussions on anglophone literary figures and their works – she also succeeded privately with the publication of one of her short stories. Looking for a job where she could combine her creativity, love of writing and urge to research, she finally found her way to Content Glory, where she now wields her pen for both the English and German language areas.

In her spare time she loves to poke her nose into dusty shelves, filled with secondhand books or clothes. She can also be found at the theater, behind the sewing machine or on her way to the airport – and of course there is always time for a short visit to her favourite Irish Pub.

Julia Hausstätter


Graphic Artist

He is a creative primary rock from a time when he still spent his working hours with phototypesetter, light table and darkroom and has been digitized by PageMaker and Apple LaserWriter since 1990. Since then, he could unfold his  enthusiasm for typography and design. 

Markus ran into Mr Neubach more than ten years ago. Since then their paths have crossed again and again, sometimes in running shoes, now and then for a beer and more often in a professional context.

Since 8.8.88 (!) he owns a trade licence for advertising graphics and lives with one and the same woman (!!) for just as long. Has enriched his life a good dozen years ago as a father with a fascinating facet. Last but not least the desired keywords: Family, Marathon, Waldviertel, Craft-Beer, Books, Deep snow, Design, Gastronomy philosophy.

Markus Wild