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Managing Partner, Content Strategist

Focuses on strategies in Digital, Content and Inbound Marketing. Special industry knowledge in Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, sports and triathlon, but a constant learning individual who loves to get involved with new clients, industries and areas. Loves his activities as Digital Marketing Trainer and Workshop leader which allows him to get educated ongoing.

Working in the field of Digital Marketing since 1998 and worked on about 1000 projects. Had a career as eMarketing manager in the Pharmaceutical industry and Digital agencies in various functions as Art Director, Concept writer and Creative Director.

Is a passionate athlete and father of two lovely little monsters. Always has a jar of nuts on his desk, but has bicycles instead of paintings on his wall. Is a coffeeholic with a penchant for meetings over breakfast, lunch or alongside a nice glass of beer or wine.

René Neubach


Marketing Consultant

Believes that the content is the message and the medium defines production workflows. Her drama, movie and media studies made her sensible for the communication between medium and content.She always stays on top of all her projects. From morning through the night, she gives valuable input.

Doing project work since 10+ years, most of the time in the cultural sector. Loves juggling with projects, but her heart beats for the content – ‘cause a good story beats it all, whispers the historian and culturejournalist in her mind.

If she isn’t doing sports, you probably meet her poking her nose into books – digital or paperback. Then she is somewhere in never-never land, while in everyday life both her feet are on the ground.



Marketing Consultant

Studied Media Management with the emphasis on Marketing at the university of applied sciences of St. Pölten. Is responsible for customer care as well as Content and Project Management and keeps a sharp eye on workflows and deadlines.

Collected manifold experience in PR and marketing a. o. at Hutchison 3G Austria GmbH, CA Immo AG and Arax Capital Partners. Within her self-employment she acquired broad online marketing know-how. Since then she has been in love, not only with her boyfriend, but also with Content Marketing.

Is passionate about fitness and does her workout either early in the morning or as a cool down after an energetic workday. Comes up with content ideas even in her leisure time – for her own fitness blog.




Content Manager

Currently doing her Bachelor in Marketing and Project Management at the Austrian Marketing University of Applied Science. She is gaining her first experience in a Marketing agency like Content Glory - and loves it.

At Content Glory, Tanja is responsible for the Content Management and makes sure that the whole world can consume glorious content. She is also creating Social Content and managing our clients’ social media channels.

Loves discovering new countries, not only scratching the cultural surface, but diving into it. This is because she usually combines her travels with her passion - scuba diving. In order to be close to her hobby on land, too, she has bought a waterbed. She never misses a party and by party she means watching Netflix.

Tanja Hoffmann


Content Creator

Completed the CEMS Master Program in International Management at WU Vienna. Now works as an editor and is responsible for Content Creation and Management.

Used to be a product manager at L’Oréal. Has much experience in planning and implementing online campaigns in the cosmetic industry, but doesn’t cover up inconvenient truths – like the fact that she is a hopelessly bad driver.

Loves the smell of windscreen cleaner, but still uses socially accepted perfume. Does a lot of yoga and likes listening to techno. Has a weakness for Armin Wolf, but unfortunately often falls asleep before the ZIB2.

Carina Sitz


Content Creator, Content Manager

Studied journalism and communication science, focusing on advertising and PR. Studied electives in business administration, psychology, sociology, political science and art history. When interviewing our clients, she elicits the most exciting stories.

The Munich native has been living in Vienna since 2016 and is gaining first agency experience at Content Glory. Is enthusiastic about project work in a team and means of  attracting attention in times of ubiquitous online communication.

Always on the lookout for art exhibitions. When blessed by the muse, she loves creating visual art herself. Is known as a passionate hobby cook, who spoils others with culinary delicacies. She grew up with the sea through her Croatian roots and loves swimming and diving.

Pia Saal


Content Creator

Studied „Content Production and Digital Media Management” at the FH Wien. During her studies, she was gaining working experience at various types of media houses, e.g. magazine EIKON, newspaper Kurier and radio station Ö1.

After her studies, she dipped into the field of translation and worked in Iceland. In the end, she returned to writing for good, as a Content Creator at Content Glory. Here, Vanessa is creating texts for our diverse clients and loves diving into new topics.

With a passion for faraway lands and cultures, Vanessa is also working for a NPO which specializes in intercultural exchange. When she’s not dreaming about her next travel destination, Vanessa (originally from Carinthia) enjoys Viennese coffeehouse culture.

Vanessa Kraut


Content Creator

Finished her degree in “Communication Management” and is now deepening her knowledge in Journalism, Marketing and PR in her master “Journalism and Communication Science” at the University of Vienna.

In 2017 the north-german native moved to Vienna. While studying in Germany, Elisa already had the chance to gain experience in Marketing and PR. After that it was time to return to agency life. As a Content Creator, she supports Content Glory with creativity and her passion for writing.

Next to studying, texting and holding interviews, she is always searching for nice coffee places, viennese hotspots and awesome events. Apart from that, she just enjoys living in Vienna by jogging at the Belvedere park, having good food with friends or reading.

elisa bruening


Freelance Content Creator Healthcare

Specializes in the communication in the healthcare sector and healthy communication in companies. Has expertise in health journalism, especially in the field of PR consulting, conception and editorial work.

Loves the multifacetedness of her activity for editors, publishers, advertising agencies as well as pharmaceutical companies. Loves cooking – even for larger groups – and likes having family and friends nearby.

Portrait: © Claudia Lehner-Dorninger

Katharina Tentschert


Freelance Marketing Consultant

Despite her young age, she already has some years of marketing experience on the hump, though as a prospective yoga teacher she always keeps him fit & strong. After studying Management in Graz & Taiwan, she breathed 2.5 years of corporate air at L’Oréal and then joined the StartUp adventure as Head of Marketing.

Now she is an open book for our clients and likes to share her knowledge in the areas of Brand Strategy, Influencer Marketing & Social Media.

If the fivefold aunt doesn’t (professionally) fine-tune her cool Instagram postings, she discovers the world and cultivates her relationship with her beloved KitchenAid – much to the delight of her loved ones, who are regularly provided with brownies and banana bread.

Julia Freidl