They Ask, You Answer Workshop

Content Creation

The big picture: Create a shared mindset for your entire team with a They Ask, You Answer workshop!

Get your entire sales, marketing and leadership team excited about not only implementing They Ask, You Answer but living it. Talk to a Content Glory consultant to schedule your personalized workshop.

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With the TAYA workshop, you can

  1. achieve a pointed focus for your digital sales and marketing strategy,
  2. work with your team to determine what content should be created in the future,
  3. and eliminate outdated sales and marketing practices, such as isolated departmental thinking and operations, to achieve greater success and higher revenue.

So you see the value of They Ask, You Answer, but no one else in your organization does?

Create a shared vision, align communications and inspire across all functions and departments!

Content Glory coaches will help you understand how customers have changed over the past few years and what these developments mean for your marketing and sales strategy. In the process, you will learn how to achieve common alignment and agreement surrounding your digital communications strategy.

Your workshop will be led by a certified They Ask, You Answer coach.


Victoria Kasamas, Marketing Consultant & Onboarding Coach – René Neubach, CEO & Coach – Elke Kummer, Coach

How do I get started with the Content Glory Coaching Program?

  1. Schedule a free consultation

  2. Set up an appointment for your workshop

    Your coach will lead a They Ask, You Answer workshop and work with all participants of your organization to create a common direction and mindset. With a long-term strategy, you'll be able to more effectively address your customers’ needs and help your sales team close deals faster using current and relevant content. 
  3. Get results

    A workshop is the start of an exciting journey for many companies. Within a few weeks, you will not only see a more positive mindset within your teams, but also better sales results. In addition, you will have all the ingredients in place to generate more and, more importantly, better leads.

Want to become a trusted voice in your industry and let your success speak for itself? 

Which knowledge and skills will I learn in the Content Glory Mastery program?

  • Strategic planning and a long-term future-oriented focus on digital marketing and sales activities
  • Close cross-departmental collaboration and efficient communication with executives, marketing/sales and the company's subject matter experts
  • Practical implementation and further development of inbound marketing and sales activities, based on TAYA
  • Writing and creativity workshops
  • Technical know-how and principles of marketing and sales automation
  • Interpretation and use of analytics to optimize marketing and sales activities
  • Individual training & coaching

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