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First things first: How much does it cost to work with Content Glory?

Fact is: We know the price question is important to you. Your clients feel the same way – everyone wants to know upfront how much something will cost. As with so many performance-based services, it's difficult to give a "one-size-fits-all" answer to the question regarding cost. Our services come in different varieties and scopes. That's why we provide you here with a realistic price range as well as cost estimates, based on scenarios and experience gained from our work with current clients on inbound marketing and sales programs.

How much do companies invest in working with Content Glory?

Depending on the size, need, and desired speed of the marketing and sales transformation in which to achieve a goal, companies invest between €30,000 and €150,000 a year into collaborating with us. We work with our clients over a period of 12 to 24 months, although with most of them for over 18 months.

So, on average, a company invests €6.000,- per month in working with a team of consultants, coaches, and trainers to learn how to successfully implement their activities. Monthly packages start at €2.500,-. Additionally, some companies require more support density, because they want to reach their set goals even faster. This in turn is reflected in higher costs. Extraordinary consulting or implementation projects are also tied to additional individual costs.

With Coaching to Success: Our Content Glory Marketing & Sales Mastery Program

Many of our clients want our support in developing content strategies and implementing and executing frameworks such as They Ask, You Answer (TAYA) and Story Brand. We help them create inbound and content marketing strategies, master audio, video, and other modern digital sales techniques and tactics, and apply them effectively. In the process, we assist them in generating more traffic and higher qualified leads, a shorter closure rate (“time-to-sale”), and consequently, more revenue.

Executives, marketing, and sales teams work with our coaches in 90-day cycles. Within these planning periods, coaching & feedback sessions as well as detailed training take place several times a month, as well as detailed weekly training. The program is scheduled over one of the three following time periods until completion or “graduation”. Regardless of the duration, all three models have the same aims and a similar cost. They differ only in the schedule and the intensity of the overall program, as well as the skills and foci acquired simultaneously within each month.

Our most popular sample packages:

24 months – €5.000,-/month
18 months – €6.000,-/month
12 months – €10.000,-/month

The initial setup costs of the program are €7.500,-. These include and are not limited to, initial workshops to establish a common mindset and buy-ins within the organization, the development of a marketing and sales strategy, goal setting and refining positioning through the development of a story brand, and the setup of various communication, documentation, and marketing automation tools.

Moreover, Content Glory offers additional activities, such as corporate identity and design, website design and implementation, as well as podcast conception/development, which involve additional costs. There may also be additional costs for tools.

Can I hire Content Glory to carry out marketing activities for our company?

Over the years, we have seen time and time again that the companies that take ownership of the success of their marketing and sales activities are the more successful ones. We will show you how to achieve your goals successfully and sustainably using a structured plan adapted to your needs. One thing is for certain: you know your area of business, your company, and your customers better than anyone else. And this insight, this knowledge, is the basic prerequisite for producing content that makes you the most trusted voice in your industry. Only then can you communicate your expertise to the outside world in a comprehensible, transparent, and, above all, successful manner.  Our program supports you in creating this content faster and more cost-effectively in the long term, publishing it, and ultimately using it for sales processes with the goal of increasing your contacts and thus sales.

Working with Content Glory

If you have questions regarding pricing or working with Content Glory, contact one of our consultants and learn more about our Content Glory Mastery Program solution approach for successful sales and marketing activities.

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