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Master inbound sales and marketing activities with Content Glory's coaching and training program, based on the They Ask, You Answer success model

Trust that your team knows how to best share your story and answer your customers' questions to the highest standards – the biggest success factor in the long run. Developing the correct plan for this in the first place is the end-all-be-all.

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3 Success Factors

  • An established process for successful sales & marketing results
  • Comprehensive training for your entire sales & marketing team
  • Your fastest way to success with They Ask, You Answer

Implementing successful marketing and sales strategies should be achievable for any business.

Content strategies based on the They Ask, You Answer framework will successfully transform your business, but some obstacles can slow down or even prevent that success.

These are the problems your company faces that we take care of:

  • You're creating content that isn't driving results (or revenue).
  • Your marketing and sales teams are working alongside, but not with each other.
  • Your leadership team is not convinced of your efforts and does not stand behind them.
  • Your marketing teams aren't creating the right content and tools to help your sales teams close deals.
  • Your agency hasn't delivered the promised results.
  • You've invested in HubSpot or another CRM system and your team isn't using it or is struggling to use it.
  • You're having trouble seeing the ROI from your marketing efforts.

  • Your positioning and communication don't seem to be resonating with your target audience.

When designed, implemented and executed the right way, a positive change in your business can be detected within weeks.



Victoria Kasamas, Marketing Consultant & Onboarding Coach – René Neubach, CEO & Coach – Elke Kummer, Coach

How do I get started with the Content Glory Coaching Program?

  1. Schedule a free consultation

  2. Get to know your coach

  3. Get results


We use globally proven successful frameworks and technologies to work with you on your successes.

  1. TAYA (Certificate)
  2. HubSpot-certified
  3. Story Brand (Certificate)

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Pricing: How much does the Content Glory Mastery Coaching program cost?

Our Content Glory Coaching Program helps your teams build and master competencies in four areas:

  1. Create content that generates sales.
  2. Keep track of return on investment with tools like HubSpot.
  3. Integrate relevant content into the sales process.
  4. Produce videos that shorten the sales process.

Content Glory Mastery Program – Details

You work with our coaches in 90-day cycles. This is designed to keep your teams focused, build processes, and establish and implement the resulting activities in your own company at the same time. The number of focal points you work on at the same time will impact the duration of the program. Experience has shown that most clients get the best results with the following three packages.

Our most popular sample packages:

24 months – €5.500,-/month
18 months – €7.000,-/month
12 months – €10.500,-/month

The initial setup costs of the program are €7.500,-. These include initial workshops to establish a common mindset and buy-ins within the organization. It also incorporates defining the strategy, setting goals and refining the positioning through the development of a story brand and setup of various communication and documentation tools.

Furthermore, Content Glory offers additional activities, such as corporate identity & design, website design and implementation, which involve additional costs.

We are also happy to work with you on a customized program to cover your specific needs and desires.

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