Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content Marketing – What is it? And why does it work so well?

Bait the hook to suit the fish, not the fisherman

The shift from product-centred to customer-centred communication has been welcomed by marketers with the same enthusiasm as the change from the geocentric to the heliocentric worldview. Even today, many companies still place themselves at the centre of their customer communication. But narcissism is known to be dangerous and did not only cost Narcissus his life. In today's hyper-dynamic business environment, death lurks around the corner for every self-lover.

That's why Content Marketing should focus on those who decide on the life and death of your business: your customers. What you communicate must primarily be helpful to the target audience. Communication platforms are no longer a stage for self-promotion. The customer alone is the star.

Content Marketing is not a tool for randomly shouting sales messages into the audience. It is a communication strategy that gives interested parties relevant information, with real benefits, in a targeted manner. This creates a solid foundation of trust between you and your customers, on which long-term relationships that add value for both sides can grow.

Business before pleasure

Before designing creative Content Marketing strategies, you should ask yourself the following basic questions:

  • Do you know your audience? Do you understand their needs and motivations?
    Create personas in order to empathise with the target group and to optimally respond to their wishes and challenges

  • Is your content relevant?
    Create useful information and make sure it can be found

  • Are you where your target group is?
    The choice of communication format and channels must be based on the usage behaviour of your audience and suit your brand

  • Do you measure your activities?
    Recognition is the first step to recovery – first and foremost, in order to optimise your results, you need to understand where you stand and in which direction you are heading

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We support you in the design of innovative Content Marketing concepts using a clearly structured, step-by-step method:

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