Digital Marketing Training

Digital Marketing Training

Digital Marketing Training – Implementing healthcare digitally

Be here to stay

"The internet is just a hype", said Bill Gates in 1993, claiming that this trend would soon pass. But like tennis socks and bum bags, the Web is even hipper today than it was in the 90s. In most B2C industries, the competitive arena has shifted from offline to the digital world. Those who aren’t online have already lost before they started. This is especially true for providers who also want to be relevant to the growing generation of digital natives.

Digitisation continuously leads to disruptive changes in the competitive environment. In the healthcare sector, for example, there has been a strong shift from product-centric business models to patient-oriented strategies. The so-called "Beyond the Pill" initiatives (i.e. product-related services and technology) have become a main success factor in holding your ground against the competition in the pharmaceutical industry.

Digital is not the future; it is already the present

However, especially in traditional industries, many companies have overlooked the training of their staff in the digital area. Only a quarter of European employees receive such training from their employer. As a result, in sectors such as healthcare, digital expertise – if even available – is anchored in individual persons and is usually outdated.

Not all digital is the same

The skillset for a cross-divisional digital strategy differs from department to department, as well as from sector to sector. That's why Digital Marketing Training has to pay particular attention to addressing the specific challenges of the business and the sector. Only then can the potential of a training program be fully exploited:

  • Consistency of definitions, approach and knowledge
  • Common understanding of the relevance, benefits, and the necessity of change in culture and processes, leading to a digital corporate DNA
  • Inspiration for action and campaigns
  • Certification and motivation of employees through training

Rise to Glory – Our services

One to several days of training on the topic of Digital Marketing in the healthcare sector, in the form of lectures and workshops, in order to realise the maximum learning potential of the participants.


  • Identification of target groups, personas, customer journeys
  • Specifics of Content Marketing in healthcare
  • Social media channels and advertising opportunities
  • Mobile marketing
  • Digital strategy frameworks
  • Customer engagement
  • Aims and measurability of digital initiatives
  • Development of ongoing training measures
  • Case studies from the healthcare sector and other industries


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