Healthcare Services

Content Marketing in the healthcare sector

Advertising resistance: a challenge for experts

Due to the excessive use of undifferentiated, product-centric communication, the target group has developed a resistance to advertising. Fortunately, content experts have already come up with a new, highly effective solution that allows providers to deliver helpful health information to those affected. Ask your content partner about risks and side effects.

Content Creation in the healthcare sector

Magistral formulations instead of generic solutions

In sensitive industries, such as healthcare, it is particularly important to prepare content with delicacy and in compliance with legal guidelines. That's why Content Creation for the healthcare industry requires significantly more resources than in many other industries.

Digital marketing Training

Not all digital is the same

The skillset for a cross-divisional digital strategy differs from department to department, as well as from sector to sector. That's why Digital Marketing Training has to pay particular attention to addressing the specific challenges of the business and the sector. Only then can the potential of a training program be fully exploited.