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Healthcare and Content Marketing – Focusing on the patient

Advertising resistance: a challenge for experts

Due to the excessive use of undifferentiated, product-centric communication, the target group has developed a resistance to advertising. Fortunately, content experts have already come up with a new, highly effective solution that allows providers to deliver helpful health information to those affected. Ask your content partner about risks and side effects.

Overtreatment in Digital Healthcare Marketing

Up to 10,000 advertising messages are played out every day. As a consequence, users now activate their inner ad blocker as soon as they enter the online sphere. However, they do not only filter out unwanted content, but unconsciously also information that could be very relevant and useful to them. This poses a challenge for healthcare companies to prepare their content in a way that creates value for the audience at first glance.

Where does it hurt?

Speaking of audience – how well do you know your audience? The best content therapy will not work if it is not attuned to the pain points and needs of the target group. It is vital to critically identify what content is relevant for patients and relatives, doctors, pharmacists and other stakeholders or institutions in the health sector. A thorough research and precise definition of personas help to identify relevant topics and to create content based on them.

The bitter pill: nobody cares about your product

As diverse as the information needs of your target group may be, one thing they almost certainly do not want is even more product glorification. Effective, safe, high-quality – these are no longer distinguishing features, because they are mandatory. The cure is to build communication around the audience, with its individual challenges and desires. The focus of your marketing initiatives should be the patient, not the product.

Storytelling as a recipe for more attention

As in any other area, content that moves you emotionally receives the most attention.

  • How has a therapy helped a patient restore more quality of life to their daily lives?
  • What training course has helped a doctor to provide their patients with more effective treatment?

Sensitivity and good instincts are especially needed for topics in the pharmaceutical sector, which is why storytelling is often shied away from. But those who manage to intelligently and authentically wrap such content into stories create real added value for both sides – for the target group, which feels understood by and identifies with your communication, and for your trustworthiness as an information provider.

Risks and side effects

The already-mentioned emotional concern of the target group – after all, their own health is at stake – as well as the legal framework constantly present companies in the pharmaceutical sector with challenges. The following questions are often subject to uncertainty in Content Marketing:

  • What can we talk about?
  • How promotional can my message be?
  • How can I be relevant and at the same time position my brand or company?

Recommended administration forms

As a specialised content partner in the pharmaceutical sector, we are very familiar with the legal requirements. We know how marketing activities need to be prepared to get on track and not remain confined to the desks of compliance officers or legal departments. Over and above the legal framework, we set high moral standards in our communication and handle the trust of the target group in this sensitive area with utmost responsibility.

Our editorial processes are individually tailored to the internal processes and compliance regulations of our clients. Through forward-looking planning and transparent cooperation, bottlenecks in the approval process can largely be avoided. This ensures that creating content does not become a frustrating just-in-time activity, but is celebrated in all its glory.


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