Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing – How to reach your target group

Bait, hook, reel in – that's how fishing 4.0 works

These days, the fish swim in a sea of information. Which is also full of trash. So the fish have become sceptical and no longer bite on every piece of bait. It takes a real treat to hook them – appealingly presented, rich in content, and just to their liking.

Inbound Marketing is strategic fishing for the benefit of both fisherman and fish. Its goal is to generate leads and win customers, taking advantage of the principle of Content Marketing: the audience is not flooded with product messages, but targeted with relevant, helpful content.

Those who like it get more

If you regularly lay out snippets of content in the right place, you'll soon have regulars. The fish, so to speak, will be hooked. If they like the content, they get more. Convert your visitors to leads by inviting them to take advantage of a more extensive content offering. This can involve, for example, signing up for a newsletter, downloading a checklist, an eBook or whitepaper, or registering for events, webinars or demos. Each offer of additional content brings you one step closer to your goal: to create added value for your users and to keep them sustainably satisfied, supported by Marketing Automation.

Do you like the taste of that? Would you like another helping of information on Inbound methodology?

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Rise to Glory – Our services

Fishing needs to be learned. We’ll be happy to help you! Through many years of practical experience in cooperation with a large number of companies, we have built up our expertise in the following areas, from which your Inbound Marketing strategy can benefit:

  • Situation analysis and goal definition
  • Development of Inbound strategies for lead generation and customer acquisition
  • Target group definition and creation of a buyer persona
  • Competitive analysis to identify the relevant keywords
  • Planning and implementation of campaigns and editorial processes
  • Publication of content on target-group-oriented channels
  • Creation of content in text, audio, graphics and video formats
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of the content according to the search behaviour of your target group
  • Lead nurturing that provides visitors and leads with relevant content via eMail
  • Ongoing performance analysis to optimise your activities
  • Marketing Automation: set up and manage eMail channels, landing pages, social media platforms and workflows

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