Managing partner René Neubach up close and personal: “Good content is like truffle pasta.”

| December 19, 2018 | People | Reading time: 2 Minutes

pasta with truffles

A solid base. Delicately garnished with a real speciality. What holds true for the creation of gourmet dishes just as much as for digital content also applies to the career of René Neubach, the managing partner of Content Glory.

The top chef of gourmet content has over 20 years of experience when it comes to Digital Marketing. A solid foundation of experience upon which he built a Content Marketing agency that specialises in the creation and distribution of relevant content with real added value. And how he explains this to his mum? We’ll let the content marketing aficionado himself do the talking.

So you work with content?

Yes, I realised that most of the projects that I supervised were ultimately failing because of the quality of their content and its relevance. In addition, a couple of years ago I also became aware of the “micro content” trend – which describes content in small bites that are very well received on social media. Based on these two points of inspiration, I decided to found a Content Marketing agency. And produce content in all its glory ;-)

How do you explain the concept of content to your mum?

Mum, when you read an article in a magazine that gives you new knowledge and added value, and in addition is engaging and even entertaining in places – that is what I create for our customers. I help them to produce precisely this for their target group. This “content”.

Do you prefer to create or consume content?

Definitely both. No input, no output. Without inspiration and creative impulses, I can’t generate any new ideas for content.

Or perhaps you’d rather eat instead? What does content taste like for you?

Like a simple pasta with truffles. A solid base where you can get a lot wrong. The noodles can go soggy with overcooking, sauces can be too boring or too overpowering. But with an al dente, perfectly prepared basis, the quality of the truffle can truly shine through. It’s just like the art of an editor who is able to delicately garnish contents with substance.

If content is king, who is queen?

Content is king, relevance is queen, context is god. Choosing the right content format and the right content type in the right channel, all while being completely relevant – that is what it comes down to for me.

Content creation: What kick-starts your content machine?

I love exchanging ideas with customers. Planning content strategies and plans with our customers and developing topics, formats and types together while we go back and forth gets my well of content ideas flowing over.

Early bird or night owl?

Definitely a night owl.

CrossFit or yoga?

Really, both would be good, but I normally end up doing endurance sports and swimming supplemented by core stability exercises. I don’t quite have time for yoga at the moment.

Coffee or tea?

Lots and lots of coffee, no frills. I normally only have tea during the cold months as an extra.

What is your desktop background?

Up-close shots of luminescent jellyfish. I love water, particularly the sea and marine creatures. I love visiting the Haus des Meeres aquarium with my kids and am probably more fascinated by it than they are.

Social content: Facebook, Insta, YouTube – what is your favourite channel to stalk?

Facebook and Insta as well as Twitter; I don’t have time for YouTube right now. However, I am planning on rearranging my time.

Binge watching – we know you do it too! What series has you hooked?

There have been several series I’ve been hooked on, such as Suits or Designated Survivor. However, the super popular series such as Breaking Bad or House of Cards never held my attention for that long. Most of the time, I prefer to watch sports broadcasts and recordings of American football games.

What’s the content of your milk carton: cow milk or soy?

Cow milk.

Hidden content: Just between us – what skeletons are hiding in your data closet?

Like everyone else, I have vast quantities of old photos. And I’m very happy that when many of those were taken, social media wasn’t yet quite so mainstream. Otherwise, many of them would probably be published somewhere or other.

René Neubach

René Neubach

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