Marketing Services


Bait the hook to suit the fish, not the fisherman

The shift from product-centred to customer-centred communication has been welcomed by marketers with the same enthusiasm as the change from the geocentric to the heliocentric worldview. That's why Content Marketing should focus on those who decide on the life and death of your business: your customers.

Inbound Marketing

Bait, hook, reel in – that's how fishing 4.0 works

Inbound Marketing is strategic fishing for the benefit of both fisherman and fish. Its goal is to generate leads and win customers, taking advantage of the principle of Content Marketing: the audience is not flooded with product messages, but targeted with relevant, helpful content.



Account-based marketing is all about accounts, i.e. particularly relevant companies and people who work for them. In most cases, accounts are decision makers in a company. In order to reach them, two departments unite: sales and content marketing. This is how ABM becomes a cooperative project.


What really deserves your time?

The scarcest resource in marketing teams is usually not talent, but time. Innovative campaigns must be designed and implemented alongside everyday work. Marketing Automation increases the efficiency of your implementation and analysis processes, giving the marketing team more time to focus on the essentials.


Content is the new gold

800 million new photos are uploaded to Instagram every day. Every minute, 400 hours of video material are posted on YouTube. 10,000 advertising messages reach us every day. But all that glitters is not gold. The buzzword "content" also covers a lot of trash. Even "good" content is no longer enough to attract attention in such circumstances. Only glorious content still manages to attract attention. That’s why you need Content Glory.


Video killed the radio star

38 years ago, video killed the radio. Today, the format also has text and image on its conscience. It is therefore considered the future carrier of Content Marketing. Moving images have been the most important trend in Content Marketing since man chiselled the first letter in stone 8,000 years ago. How so? On the one hand, it is no longer just professionals who create videos – today, anybody with a smartphone can be a director.


No house is safe on someone else’s land

Given the variety of social networking opportunities available today, it's tempting to build your own online presence on an unknown site. However, in doing so you are putting yourself at the mercy of the providers in terms of guidelines and algorithms. And if the platform should ever disappear completely from the web, so does your entire community. As a first step, it is therefore important to recognise that owning a website is essential for your online success.


If you don't measure it, you can’t manage it

If it’s not linked to KPIs, it cannot be controlled. With the advent of Digital Marketing activities, it is becoming increasingly important to illustrate results. The question of ROI, engagement and conversion rates is part of the standard repertoire of executives. Budgets are assigned based on the impact of certain digital activities and marketing campaigns. The need for clear and precise performance analysis is increasing.